Over-complexity in Higher Education


Namazi Hospital, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.



Higher education in today’s world is centered on the rationality, growth, maturity, and scientific development of societies. The higher education system is the most important platform for the development and progress of society in economic, social, cultural, political, and technological dimensions through the training of specialized human resources and the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge and technology, and the reproduction of culture. Due to the quantification in all sub-fields, universities and research institutes face various challenges to achieve their goals. Cultural problems in universities, uncontrolled expansion of training courses, declining quality of education and teaching, outdated and reduced quality of faculty members, incompatibility of content and curricula with the needs of society, diminishing the dignity of universities and academics, lack of coordination between universities and the society, low level of knowledge, insight, and ability of graduates, increasing rate of unemployed and job-seeking graduates, lack of need-based goal setting, and lack of equal opportunities are among the strategic issues faced by universities, administrators, and higher education planners (1-3).