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 Title: Medical Education Bulletin


Abbreviation: Med Edu Bull


 Other titles: MEB


Category: Education (Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Heutagogy), Medical Education, Medical and Health Sciences.


 ESSN: 2783-1809


Publication start year: 2020




2020: Semiannual

2021: Quarterly

2022: Quarterly

2023: Quarterly


Country of publication: Iran


Language: English


Electronic link:  https://medicaleducation-bulletin.ir/


Current format status: Electronic


Status of Journal: Online, Open access


Publication type(s): Periodicals, Quarterly 


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Publisher Ofice: NO.100, Isar Ave., Isar 13, Mashhad, Iran. 

Contact Email:  meb.2021@yahoo.com

 Editor-in-Chief: Masumeh Saeidi