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 Title: Medical Education Bulletin


Abbreviation: Med Edu Bull


 Other titles: MEB


Category: Education (Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Heutagogy), Medical Education, Health Sciences Education.


 ESSN: 2783-1809


Publication start year: 2020




2020: Semiannual

2021: Quarterly

2022: Quarterly

2023: Quarterly

2024: Semiannual (June and December)


Country of publication: Iran


Language: English


Electronic link:  https://medicaleducation-bulletin.ir/


Current format status: Electronic


Status of Journal: Online, Open access


Publication type(s): Periodicals, Quarterly 


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In accordance with the open access principle, the MEB is made accessible to the general public. The approved articles can be read, downloaded, copied, distributed, and shared free as long as the author(s) are attributed. Once the manuscript has been approved, MEB will request the signature of each author on a copyright agreement form to give the required publication rights. Because the author(s) publish their work as open access, some rights, like patents, trademarks, and designs, retain with the author(s), while other copyright is given to the MEB


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Digital Archiving: In addition to indexing database this journal utilizes digital archive via Eprint Repository to guarantee long-term digital preservation and restoration.


Publisher Ofice: NO.100, Isar Ave., Isar 13, Mashhad, Iran. 

Contact Email:  meb.2021@yahoo.com

 Editor-in-Chief: Masumeh Saeidi