Eligibility criteria for becoming and remaining an Active Reviewer


Primary qualifications


  1. The reviewer must provide a primary response to 100% of the total referred papers for consideration.
  2. Individuals can “Decline” a maximum of 20% of referred works annually.


Secondary qualifications


  1. There is a 5-day period (2+3) for the reviewer to Decline/Accept. If no response is executed, the paper will be considered declined automatically. 
  2. The time interval between the reviewer`s acceptance and decision letter should NOT be more than 14 working days (10+4) for the first round.
  3. The time interval between the second/further referrals and the reviewer`s reply should NOT be more than five working days.
  4. The response letter must AT LEAST consist of four comments (each one must address and point out a problem in a comprehensive fashion) addressing each part of the article (e.g. at least one comment for Introduction, one for Methods, and so on).


  • Upon the request, the certificate for being a Reviewer will only be issued for the Active Reviewers.
  • The Editorial Board of the journal will consider a Reviewer as an Active Reviewer after fulfilling the mentioned criteria for 2 consecutive years. 
  • The Editorial Board of the journal will invite a reviewer to join the Editorial Board after 3 consecutive years of being an active reviewer. 


Medical Education Bulletin is committed to delivering high quality, fast peer-review for your paper, and as such has partnered with Publons. Publons is a third party service that seeks to track, verify and give credit for peer review. Reviewers for MEB can opt in to Publons in order to claim their reviews or have them automatically verified and added to their reviewer profile. Reviewers claiming credit for their review will be associated with the relevant journal, but the article name, reviewer’s decision and the content of their review is not published on the site. For more information visit the Publons website.